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Detectile Detectable Warning Tiles

Detectiles have rapidly become the new standard in detectable warnings. Our tiles can be installed quicker, last longer and are less expensive than traditional detectable warnings.

All Detectile products fully comply with ADAAG standards and use the preferred truncated dome design to maximize detectability. Detectiles are the quick, easy, and cost effective solution to all of your detectable warning needs.

ADA Compliance
Detectile products meet or exceed all ADA and FWHA requirements for tactile warning surfaces.

  • Replaceable Design
  • Secured by high-strength anchors.
  • Replaceable without breaking out the underlying concrete
  • Easy Installation
  • Slimtek and Duratek tiles can be efficiently installed.
  • Easily pressed (wet-set) into freshly poured concrete



  • Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings
  • Transit Platforms and Bus Stops
  • Store Entrances
  • Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Building Access Areas
  • Temporary ADA Ramps


ASTM Test Results*

Compressive Strength: > 27,400 psi (ASTM D 695-02a)
Water Absorption: 0.07 % 24 hr (ASTM D 570-98)
Impact Resistance: 488 in-lb without concrete backing (ASTM D5420-04 GE)
Salt Spray: (Fog) 430 hrs no deterioration, no fading (ASTM B117)
Slip Resistance Dry: .87 Wet: .82 (ASTM C1028-96)
Wear Resistance: 0.002-0.004″ loss, 1000 cycles, 1000g load, H22 wheel (ASTM C501-84)
* ASTM results for our original Duratek tiles.
** Call us for a complete list of test results.

Limited Warranty Detectile warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Detectile will supply new products to replace the defective products during this warranty period. This warranty is limited to products which are installed properly and used according to Detectile’s written instructions. Such product replacement shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy for any claim under this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Detectile makes no warranty of merchantability or suitability of its products for any particular purpose. Detectile disclaims all liability for incidental, consequential or indirect damages or losses of any kind arising out of the use of these products.


ultra-light detectable warning

Our Slimtek tiles are ultra-light composite detectable warnings designed for ultra easy installation.

Slimtek Drawings
2 x 2 Slimtek Tile
2 x 3 Slimtek Tile
2 x 4 Slimtek Tile



heavy duty detectable warning

Our Duratek tiles are engineered to provide the utlimate in strength and durability.



heavy duty cast-iron tiles

Our new Duratek-CI tiles provide all the benefits of our Duratek tiles but now available in cast-iron

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detectable warnings with truncated domes