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The New Standard in Detectable Warnings and Truncated Domes

Detectile was founded on a simple premise: to manufacture the highest quality ADA compliant detectable warning products at a cost-effective price.  Our commitment to this mission drives every decision we makes and allows us to produce durable, easy-to-install, and competitively priced truncated domes  for the visually impaired. Detectile’s detectable warning products fully comply with previous and proposed ADAAG standards and use the preferred truncated domes design to maximize detectability.  Detectiles are the quick, easy, and cost effective solution to all of your detectable warning needs.

Detectable warnings are an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement in the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) for the use of detecting the boundary between the sidewalk and the street. In response to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) curb ramps became a requirement between sidewalks and streets.  Unfortunately, the emergence of curb ramps led to a new problem it removed a visual cue for the end of sidewalks and made it more difficult for the the visually impaired to locate the boundary between the street and sidewalk. The answer to this new problem was the emergence of truncated dome detectable warnings, which are now required by the ADA.

The original ADAAG requirement was suspended for a time to conduct further research. Research was conducted, and the suspension of the requirement was lifted on July 26, 2001, and detectable warnings are now required when constructing and altering curb ramps. Truncated domes are the only tactile warnings allowed by ADAAG. Grooves, exposed aggregate, and other designs intended for use as detectable warning are too similar to pavement textures, cracks and joints and are not considered equivalent

To find out more about detectable warnings and the preferred truncated domes design, check out our various articles and check back soon for our new detectable warning blog.

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detectable warnings with truncated domes

Our tiles can be installed quicker, last longer and are less expensive than traditional detectable warnings.  Detectile detectable warning surfaces are suitable for a number of uses including:  pedestrian crossings, train and subway platforms, bus stops, curb ramps, and building access areas.


ultra-light detectable warnings

Slimtek detectable warning tiles are ultra-light composite tiles designed for ultra easy installation.

Slimtek Drawings
2 x 2 Slimtek Tile
2 x 3 Slimtek Tile
2 x 4 Slimtek Tile



heavy duty detectable warnings

Duratek detectable warning tiles are engineered to provide the utlimate in strength and durability.



heavy duty cast-iron detectable warnings

Duratek-CI tiles provide all the benefits of our Duratek tiles but now available in cast-iron



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